Complete SEO Website Analysis Report

The Importance Of A Thorough SEO Website Report And Analysis

Do you remember the last time that you really did a robust analysis of your website across the board, so that you could discover any chances at improving things?

If we were to guess, we would think you’d tell us honestly that you haven’t, or maybe you ran a free tool some time ago. If you’re nodding your head agreeing with either of those sentiments, then you’re not doing your website or your business any favors.

There’s much to learn when you analyze your website correctly, especially when you do it on a regular basis. Also, this activity does not need to overwhelm you either.

Once you finish reading this guide towards a comprehensive website audit report, then you are going to know what a robust and thorough analysis consists of, as well as how to do one on your own, or at least how to get a professional to do one for you. The most critical thing you will know is how to interpret the results generated and how you should capitalize on them.

There’s a variety of ways you can analyze your website, but the ultimate goal remains constant:

To improve your website results, thanks to enhancements driven by hard data.

We have seen time and again the same problem. It’s not how you analyze your website, but instead, it’s what you should do with the information after you complete the analysis. Because of this, we’re breaking down the entire process for you.

Prior to doing that, however, let’s establish some parameters for what’s included in a good website analysis.

The Bits And Pieces Of Website Analysis

It’s easy to find website analysis tools. Some are free to use, but others are premium options. The ones you should avoid are the ones that give you an analysis yet only provide general information and data, even vanity metrics. A lot of the automated tools out there, particularly the freebies, are infamous for spewing out extraneous data that urges you down the wrong path.

The following are the questions you need answers to, and a proper website analysis will provide good answers:

  1. How well does my website perform? Is there room for improvement?
  2. What’s my keyword strategy? Are things working out in this area?
  3. Does my website structure and setup engender success?
  4. Is my website optimized correctly for traffic from organic search?
  5. Do I have a content strategy? What is it? Does it work?
  6. What’s my social media strategy? Does it work?
  7. Is my reporting and tracking setup properly and capturing the best data I can use?

A thorough analysis of your website is going to answer each of these individual questions and also do so in a degree of high detail. You’ll have objective data that you can use to implement great decisions for your business.

In truth, you shouldn’t be spending your own precious personal time doing a thorough website analysis, unless of course you’re doing in-house marketing and your only personal responsibility is driving up performance from your company’s online initiatives.

In all other cases, your enthusiasm is appreciated.

Rather, you need to concentrate on the job functions you personally influence or manage and are best-suited to doing for your company’s results and productivity. Any time you spend doing something else is not doing you or your business any favors.

That’s why we suggest you let us do a total SEO website analysis for you, complete with a free competitor analysis report included and even a consultation with one our seasoned online strategy veterans. This is something we do every day, we’d love the chance to save your time by using ours.

Isn’t it time for you to really learn what can unlock your website’s potential, thanks to a thorough site analysis report and competitor assessment?

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