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Figure out how much money, and business, you are missing out on by not being on page one of Google and/or the top of the search results based on the keywords you are shooting for in your niche/market. Learn what people are searching for and how many of your competitors are in front of them, when they really need YOU!

Figure out how much money, and business, you are missing out on by not being on page one of Google and/or the top of the search results based on the keywords you are shooting for in your niche/market. Learn what people are searching for and how many of your competitors are in front of them, when they really need YOU!

Figure out how much money, and business, you are missing out on by not being on page one of Google and/or the top of the search results based on the keywords you are shooting for in your niche/market. Learn what people are searching for and how many of your competitors are in front of them, when they really need YOU!

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Social Media Influencers

Let’s face it, how many times have you bought a service or product after seeing your favorite celebrity post about it on Instagram? In this digital era, it is very common for businesses to use influencer marketing to target a group of consumers that are ideal for their products or services. The impact that one popular social media account has on the world is incredibly large. Many people like to know a product is good before they use it so being able to see your favorite influencers talk about it first significantly increases the chances of you buying it as well.

If you are looking for a company with the expertise and testimonial to run influencer marketing for your company or business, then you are in the right place. SEO Houston Pros has many years doing influential marketing for some of the biggest corporations in the nation. We are driven by the results that we bring for our clients. We are always on top of our A-game with everything in the digital marketing real. This opportunity is too important to let slip away. We receive phone calls on a daily basis from clients, just like you, that want our services. They take action because they know that we are the best way to alleviate all their marketing problems, that they currently are having. We pride ourselves at making sure you are taken care of, and your website is optimized, just as if it were our own. Your success is our success, and that is what we commit ourselves too!

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The Power Of Influencer Marketing

When it comes to influencers, one of the largest misconceptions is they are individuals who have big social media followings. That thinking confuses popularity with influence. Influencing is an act involving a specific result: either a change in behavior or thinking. Therefore, an influencer is a person who has the power of influencing the perceptions of others or is able to get them to take a different action. When the definition is applied to marketers, an influencer is a person who helps other individuals buy things from you. So how is this done? Influencers need three key factors combined: salesmanship, contextual credibility, and reach. The higher those three factors are, the higher an individual’s influence potential is. Influencer marketing is basically a hybrid of new and old marketing tools. It takes the concept of celebrity endorsement and places it within modern content-driven marketing campaigns. The major difference is usually the campaign results are collaborations that are between influencers and brands. Influencer marketing is being discussed by people. It won’t replace Content or Social Marketing due to the fact that it is unable to exist without them. So if you are new to internet marketing and are not sure what this means, then you are in the right place. We will be breaking everything down for you, beginning with the starting points that are the most obvious.

Social Media Marketing Using Popular Accounts 

Influencer marketing isn’t a new technique. It has been used for many years. It has recently become a hot topic among marketers – most likely because we have started to realize just how powerful it can be, particularly as an alternative to more traditional forms of advertising that can be inefficient and expensive. Most important, consumers really don’t like to be sold to and marketing message lose more credibility every single day.

– Reach: Ability for a message to be delivered to a very large number of individuals. This may be a TV host’s audience, publication’s readership, or someone’s social followers. Reach is critical but it is insufficient on its own. Those who have a small reach but high salesmanship and credibility are referred to as micro-influencers.

– Context credibility: This refers to the level of authority and trust that the audience gives based on the perceived expertise and knowledge that an influencer has on a certain topic. For example, a celebrity chef will have low credibility when it comes to politics, but high credibility when it comes to recommending meals.

-Salesmanship: The communications style and presence that provides influences with the ability to embrace and understand a specific point of view. Some people appear to have an incredible ability to convince other individuals of their own point of view. These individuals are able to explain things in very convincing ways, deliver their perspective with confidence and are very clear in their messages.

Target Your Consumers Through Marketing Influencers

Paying them money is the easiest way to work with an influencer. For decades now celebrities have been used by advertisers in their campaigns. Marketers are basically borrowing the familiarity and credibility of the person to sell their product. That tactic might work, but isn’t how influencer marketing is defined – we refer to that as celebrity endorsements. Consumers are aware that an athlete or actor is being paid for promoting the product, so it has limited effectiveness. Another way of working with influencers is borrowing their reach. That is how influencer marketing is used by most marketers these days. They search for somebody who has lots of followers on Instagram and pays them a fee to advertise their product. That is basically sponsored advertising and doesn’t maximize the opportunities of influencer marketing. Financial compensation is not involved in the best influencer marketing. Instead, it required you to understand that what an influencer wants is recognition, have access to the information, as well as be the first person to know about news within their space – this helps to strengthen their influence even further. Good influencer marketing centers around developing a sincere personal relationship with an influencer and sharing early, exclusive, unique or useful information with them. Fortunately, influencers tend to be curious. A marketer who has a useful and interesting product shouldn’t have any problems finding knowledge and information that influencers will find valuable.

Advocacy Is The Main Goal In Influential Marketing

In order to be successful, influencer marketing needs to authentic and honest. The reason that an influencer talks about your product is that he/she wants to, not because he is being paid to. He thinks your company is interesting and readers will find the information to be useful. That is why influencer marketing takes focus, dedication, and time, and needs to be honest and transparent. An influencer will talk about both the bad and good of your product. However, they will do it in a way that is a lot more useful and credible than an ad can. When done correctly, influencer marketing it a kind of multiplier: it results in leveraging the salesmanship, credibility and reach of influencers so that your product is advocated consumers, and results in improved perception, awareness, and action. To speak with an SEO Houston Pros professional contact us today by giving us a call (832)230-4495

Questions About Influencer Marketing

Viral marketing is an amazing method of generating traffic and leads but also creates a great demand for a yet-to-be-released product. Viral Marketing is so successful because it creates the curiosity and desire needed to generate the demand for a product or service.

Influencer marketing is about leveraging an individual’s influence to promote a brand. Influential people are more likely to endorse a brand and their fans will take notice and trust them.

A social media influencer is someone with credibility in a particular industry, who has access to a large audience and can persuade other people to take their advice.

The platform for influencer marketing should seamlessly transfer content rights and all data. Ask the platform to demonstrate its analytics capabilities. You should be able not only to get real-time analytics, URL tracking and engagement rates but also an overview of your campaign ROI.

Social media influencers can be anything from famous YouTubers to large Twitter followings. They are a great way for brands to generate excitement and engagement, drive sales, generate leads, and to reach more potential clients. It’s also a great way to promote your brand through partnerships.

In affiliate marketing, a brand (merchant) partners with affiliates (content creators, coupon, loyalty, and deal sites, etc.) To promote their brand, products, and sales. Conversely, with influencer marketing, the influencer gets paid a (usually large) flat fee to promote the brand.

Influencers get the power to attract more people to your products or services. This is because customers believe the suggestions from their beloved influencers. Brands can utilize it to influence purchase decisions and increase conversion rates.

Influencer marketing is cost-effective, which means that companies of all sizes can use it to promote their brands. Marketers can work with social media influencers to execute a variety of marketing activities, such as contests and referral programs, to create brand awareness.

Undercover marketing or stealth marketing is a marketing strategy where a company markets its product in a subtle and ‘hidden’ way, such that the consumers don’t realize that it is a marketing ploy. It refers to marketing and advertising products in a less obvious manner, using unconventional tactics.

Many brands use influencer marketing to reach their target audience. Big brands like Motorola, Adidas, Pepsi, and Dunkin’ Donuts all use influencer marketing. For years, Adidas has used influencer marketing to promote its products. They use influencer marketing to target a younger audience through Instagram.

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