Reporting A Wrong Number Is Requested

Google Local Is Now Asking Searcher To Report Any Incorrect Phone Numbers Immediately After Calling

Recently Google has provided the option for reporting whether a business phone number is right immediately after the business is called from their Google local listing or map. Anyone who has ever had difficulties getting in touch with a business knows how even more frustrating it can be to finally find the contact information and then reach a wrong or dead phone number. Wrong numbers hurt both business owners and consumers at the same time. They result in lost customers and the customer’s needs are ultimately unfulfilled, which sends them elsewhere in order to get their needs met. That is why it is so important to practice professional SEO in Houston to ensure that all of your business contact in your listings is correct. On Google maps and local listings you now can report a wrong phone number immediately after calling through a new prompt that is displayed after the call is completed.

The prompt so far is visible only on a local listing, and available only when you use a mobile device to make a phone call. After you have made your call, go back to the browser window where you made the search – there will be a small yellow box asking if the number that you just called is correct. Let Google know if it is a working and accurate number and pay it forward.

Optimistic Benefits

What is so good about being able to report wrong numbers? It can be very hectic to run a business, and the owner might not always have the time to keep their information correct and updated with help from an SEO firm. Google has provided consumers with the opportunity to help other prospective customers out in addition to business owners, by giving them a way to report false information simply and quickly. It will definitely help to cut down the number of wrong phone listings that are out there, which will make life easier for both business owners and consumers. The option for reporting incorrect phone numbers might sound brilliant from a local marketing perspective. Unfortunately, not all SEO teams and internet marketing companies follow the rules. This new pop-up potentially could be the next nightmare for Google’s local listings similar to the “anonymous reviewer.”

Pessimistic Uncertainties

So will Google notify a business owner whenever a customer reports that a phone number is inaccurate or inactive? That is the big question. Also, what options will be provided by Google to the business owner for fixing the problem if one is reported? Will the phone number be changed by Google based on other information in the listing? Will the business profile be pulled from the local listing results by Google if a phone number gets reported as being incorrect? Is this question caused by Google for both non-verified and verified phone numbers? What if the reception on a phone is bad rather than the actual number being bad? Will Google be punishing business due to potential customers having bad cell phone coverage?

These questions have many different possible answers to them, but Google hasn’t revealed the information so far. With local listings being so highly competitive these days, and the removal of everything except the highest ranking local businesses from local search recently, the conditions are prime for competitor sabotage to take place. It is going to be very interesting to find out what other new features will be tested and integrated into the new Google+ Local listings in the upcoming months. In particular what other user-based information will be used for ranking quality of the local listings as well as what weight the information is going to carry.

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